Perfect Storm Expression #5: The Pocket Fires of the Next Methodist Movement

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  1. The wine skins analogy was dead on. The old UMC structure was not really making new believers and disciples. It has atrophied and like many institutions it had begun serve itself. It’s only mission appeared to be survival and maintaining numbers on the membership roles. That meant surrendering to the prevailing culture. Sure it was still doing good things and was doing ministry, but that ministry has become caring for members as well as hands off mission work. A new Methodist/Wesleyan movement being lighter, more mobile and committed to the Gospel will, in my opinion, reap much in the coming harvest. I left the UMC several years ago out of frustration. Saw no new people, an aging congregation and apathy for the Gospel. I’m committed to Methodism and will always be a Wesleyan when it comes to doctrine, I look forward to seeing a new and vibrant Methodist movement.

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