A Tale of Two Conferences

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  1. I propose that we stay with the UMC and let those leave who cannot obey the rules. If the General Conference does not affirm the current traditional rules with strong provisions for enforcement, then I would consider leaving.
    Arthur e Thompson

  2. This story is EXACTLY why I believe God called me to ministry at 50 years old. The UM church leaders have failed to lead with the true Wesleyan focus of saving souls and leading persons to meaningful relationships with Jesus Christ! God would not have needed to call me if the ones charged with preaching the true Gospel and leading flocks the way God intended and John Wesley directed had been doing the true work of the Kingdom. I am so blessed to be a part of the growing number of pastors and laity who are reaching back to try to recapture the power of the Methodist movement that helped forge the United States and brought millions to relationship with Christ. THANK YOU for your pointing out the valid and true points of the tale of two conferences! May God bless and enliven the hearts and minds of those who want to carry the Wesleyan torch into a future that has the church leading culture, instead of the current reality.

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