New Methodist Movement is made up of a body of United Methodists who vision a new day for Methodism. In the near future, the United Methodist Church will create new denominational expressions through the Protocol for Grace and Reconciliation through Separation.

What will these new expressions look like? The United Methodist Church you have always known will not be the same denomination you have known in the past; and a new, traditionally orthodox Methodist denomination will be created for the future.

We believe the majority of global United Methodists are traditionally orthodox Christians who are transitioning into a new, preferred future. This new future will involve a new Methodist denomination. This new denomination is already planning to unleash fresh waves of world-wide disciple-making, church revitalization, church planting, and missional expression to the people on the margins. As we embrace this hour of history, let us choose to forsake timidity and move forward in the belief that God has a glorious future for a people called Methodists.

The North Alabama Conference of the United Methodist Church will vote sometime in 2021 or 2022 regarding joining with the New Methodist Denomination. For the North Alabama Conference to join the New Methodist denomination, we need 57% of voting members of the Annual Conference to vote in support of this step.

Your voice matters in this process. Therefore, if you would like to give voice in support of the North Alabama Conference of the United Methodist Church joining the new, traditionally orthodox, Methodist Denomination, sign the following petition by filling out the following form: